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And unlock the value of idling capacity of your space and business operations!

This unique convenience focused co-working concept, known as CoworkCafe, was created from the perspectives of the co-founders, a freelance mobile worker and restaurant owner.

CoworkCafe is a revenue sharing platform concept for food service establishments and other unique spaces to make money from their existing space. We empower business owners to use their idle space and existing assets in a way that was never possible.

CoworkCafe utilizes a shared economy approach by partnering with your business to provide a uniquely defined workspace for paying members that are local freelancers or entrepreneurs. Individuals sign on as members, month to month and work or have meeting from your business while purchasing food or services.

We market your business on an ongoing basis to the local community to draw more attention to your establishment and growing your day time and night time revenue

The joy of CoworkCafe

Each new CoworkCafe location will represent a unique casual workspace design, with members from diverse industries and backgrounds. CoworkCafes are fun, casual and secure workspaces for local freelancers and entrepreneurs that like to work around other people, but away from home distractions. The cowork environment is lively but conducive towering and hosting meeting

Why Consider adding a CoworkCafe Plug-in?

Fill under-utilized space

Increase food and drinks sales

Bring in added revenues

Increased Exposure


What we offer

The talented team at CoworkCafe have built:

Without changing the feel or look of your space, we will work with you to create a workspace that fits within your business and day to day operations.

Advantages of CoworkCafe

There are many important differences that highlight the advantages for customers working at CoworkCafe, here are some of them

VS. Working At Home

  • Change of perspective
  • Community
  • Collaboration and motivation
  • Food and beverages prepared and brought to you

VS. Coffee Shops

  • Reserved seating, parking
  • Fast, reliable, & secure Internet
  • Plenty of outlets
  • Secure workspace
  • Office accessories (printer, scanner, shredder, etc)
  • Private booths for phone calls

VS. Other Shared Spaces

  • Convenient location & easy access
  • Low membership costs
  • All inclusive plan
  • Relaxed environment
  • Food and beverage service
  • No long term contract
  • Free Guest access policy
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