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CoworkCafe utilizes a shared economy approach by partnering with cafes/restaurants and providing coworkers a flexible work space. CoworkCafe is a revenue sharing platform concept for food service establishments to provide an amazing and casual cowork experience and create community.

Individuals sign on as members, month to month and without having to pay too much for a workspace. This unique community and convenience focused coworking concept was brought from the perspectives of the cofounders, a freelance mobile worker and restaurant owner.

The joy of CoworkCafe

Each new CoworkCafe location will represent a unique casual workspace design, with members from diverse industries and backgrounds. CoworkCafes are fun, casual and secure workspaces for local freelancers and entrepreneurs that like to work around other people, but away from distractions.

Why become a CoworkCafe?


  • Type: Food Service establishments: Café, Restaurant, Bar, lounge

  • Location: Washington DC metro area, Delaware, Philadelphia (Expanding Soon

  • Seats: 25-30 available seats in a dedicated space b/w ~8am-5pm.

  • Term: Flexible with 90 day notice

  • Initial Investment: Minimal Costs: As needed- furniture and wifi upgrade ; additional outlets

What we offer

The talented team at CoworkCafe have built:

  • information technology systems,
  • marketing strategies, and
  • support services to sign on members, promote your business and improve revenue.

We work with you to help create, in accordance to your preference and business:

  • workspaces that are partner-specific, and
  • seating arrangements and recommendations

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